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Tuesday; February 19

Something happens to us when we become parents.  When most of us accept the fact that we have a child in our lives, we begin to see ourselves and the world a little bit differently.  No longer are we as selfishly focused as we used to be, when most people become parents they begin figure out ways for their children to succeed.  We do what we can to put our children in a position to make the most out of life.  It may be to help them develop their intellectual and athletic ability or it may be surrounding them with a safe and inspirational environment.  While these areas are important, the most important things we can do for our children’s success is to develop a positive and nurturing spiritual environment.  Devoted parents love their children enough to teach them how to love their Lord.           The other day I was reading the New Testament and it got me to thinking about what God has done to help His children become successful.  Have we ever thought about how far He was wil…