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Friday; December 29

When we think back on 2017 what will we remember?  There have been some significant social events in the past year – some represent the highs of human advancement while others mark the lows of human nature.  We lauded some good moments as people rose to the top while we cried during times in which we witnessed the worst of mankind.  In guess, in a sense, it was a typical year. While 2017 was like most years from a global perspective, what was 2017 like for you, personally?  Did you accomplish what you set out to do for the year or was it one that was fraught with failure or disappointment.  Did you experience a resurgence in your life or did you have to confront continual barriers and stumbling blocks?  At the end of the year do you feel closer in your relationships with others or even more distant? One of the things to remember about any year is that what happened will not stand on its own, it will be a part of what makes us who we will become.  The joys will provide us with some incen…