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Wednesday; April 25

I had the chance to spend part of last week in one of my favorite places in the world – the Teton Mountains.Sure, there is something wonderful about Yellowstone National Park and most of the Rockies are incredible, but there is something special about the Tetons.As I drove around one of God’s most scenic creations I got the chance to see some pretty cool critters including deer, elk, buffalo, antelope and a fox.Yet, of all the wonders in this part of the world, the thing that still gets me as excited as anything is seeing a moose.On one hand they are some of the most odd looking creatures, but there is just something neat about seeing them. This time of year moose are not really all that attractive.The bulls are missing their characteristic antlers and all of them are transitioning from enduring a long, rough winter by shedding their winter coats.Their deep dark coloring has been replaced by an unattractive gray.Yet, in a few months, they will regain their majestic appearance.…