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Monday; June 17

While the two words are not often connected, have you noticed the similarities between fear and faith?  On the surface, there may not appear to be much of a connection, but in reality they are two responses to a single stimulus.  The thing that generates both fear and faith is an unknown future.  As people, we often find ourselves staring off into the potential of what might happen and that leads us to one of two responses – we can either be worried and tentative about what we are supposed to do (fear) or we can gather up our courage and believe that we will be successful (faith).  In essence, the main difference between faith and fear is in the action we take.  Fear is defined by delay while faith is characterized by heading out into the unknown. As humans, fear is quite tempting, but when we have a belief in God faith is possible.  Frail and fallible people are apt to perceive life as full of snares and dangers; however, when we have God by our side we can overcome the fear and ventu…