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Wednesday; December 19

Do we believe in God?Most of the people I know believe in God ... so, that is not the real focus of this article.To me, the more important question is “why” do we believe in God?
Through the years there has been a push to try to prove the existence of God.While there has been advancement in the world of logic to rationalize a belief in God, the greatest strides have been made in using science to prove God.Things such as “Christian Evidences” have been used to defend the existence of God.While this is admirable, I think there are a couple of things that need to be remembered.First, God does not need us to defend Him.As the most powerful Being in existence, He really doesn’t gain a lot by my pea-brain justifying and defending Him.Should I support God’s claims – you betcha – but, I must not be brazen in a belief that my defense of Him will make or break His reputation.He is God!A second thing that I think is important is that the basic essence of our thoughts on the existence of…