Monday; June 24

I usually try to make sure I give credit to those I “borrow” from, but in this case I forgot to write down the source of the quote (I think it was John C. Maxwell, but I just don’t remember).  Anyway, just so you know it didn’t come from me, here goes, “A transformational leader intentionally engages people to think and act in such a way that it makes a positive difference their lives and in the lives of others.”.  As I pondered this concept it led me to wonder if the goal of our leadership is “educational” or “transformational”?  In essence, when we try to teach people something, are we satisfied with increasing their knowledge-base or are we looking to change their lives? 
While this a question for all types of people across all kinds of pursuits, I think this may be most important in our spiritual leadership.  Whether as a minister, church leader, Bible Class teacher, mentor or parent; should we merely be satisfied with passing along information or do we have the greater calling to transform lives?  No, we can’t force people to embrace what we teach; but, we should do our best to promote a transition or change in their attitudes and behavior.  It shouldn’t be enough to focus on “just the facts”, the true measure of leadership is using our tools and talents to instill life-changing principles.
Is our goal to teach or transform?  Teaching someone new information might help them understand more, but helping to transform lives can lead to them living better.
          Think About It!

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