Thursday; January 24

          Have you ever asked your spouse to do you a favor – then got upset with them when they didn’t do it the way that you thought it should be done?  Have you ever asked for volunteers to accomplish a project, then complained because they didn’t do it the way that you would have done it?  While I can’t speak for everyone, on more than one occasion I have relied on the kindness of others only to become irritated when it wasn’t done the way I expected it to be done.  While it is okay to have preferences, we must be cautious that our preferences don’t get in the way of our graciousness.  Also, if we have a particular way we want something done, that’s fine and that’s our prerogative, but we should explain those parameters in the beginning.
          Again, you may be so elated to have someone help you that this doesn’t apply to you, but for those of us who tend to be “picky” here are a couple of suggestions to appreciating the gifts of others:

1)  If we agree to allow someone to do something for us, let them do it the way that they want to do it.  If we can’t be flexible in how people might do something, it is better to decline their help before the task is begun rather than criticizing their (generous) work afterwards.

2)  If we have to have something done a specific way, be upfront with the volunteer at the beginning of the project.  If there are guidelines that must be followed – either to do the project correctly or merely because we are meticulous – then be straightforward and direct before the work is undertaken.  It might deter some volunteers, but will probably save some hurt feelings.

          Think About It!

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