Tuesday; February 20

Wouldn’t it be great if life could emulate our entertainment choices?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could pick and choose an environment where good is appreciated and evil is met with rigid resistance?  Alas, those times are memories of nostalgia – or are they?  You see, it is still possible to enjoy purity, goodness and kindness; but it requires being willing to make the decision that these things are worth the effort.  No, the world isn’t going to do this for us, we will have to make conscious choices to create this atmosphere ourselves.  Whether it is in our families, in our churches, in our classrooms, on our jobsites, in our friendships ... or wherever else we hope to restore sanity, we have to be willing to surround ourselves with a spirit and the people that promote peace and good will.  We may have to sever some relationships or remove certain outside influences (such as modern entertainment or social media), but it is possible.
I realize that this type of lifestyle is not for everyone.  However, if it appeals to you, don’t settle for just wishing it could be done – do it and enjoy your renewed interest in the quiet life. 
Think About It!

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