Tuesday; October 10

One of the things that seems to come out of times of national and international incidents is that everyone seems to feel compelled to chime in.  Another thing that seems to come out of times of national and international incidents is that the media feels the need to publish what some of these people say.  Over the last few weeks we have heard a lot of famous people chime in about the incidents and, while I believe that people should be able to make comments, we must be careful not to believe everything they say.  Just because someone with a recognizable name says something doesn’t mean that it is the truth or that we should automatically believe it.
Now, you might think that I am about to blast the comments made by the rich and famous, but I am going to take this in a different direction.  You see, just like we shouldn’t believe everything someone famous says to us, we need to be cautious when we listen to some of the things that we say to ourselves.  Have you ever heard yourself tell yourself that you are going to fail?  Has your inner voice ever reinforced the negatives you feel about yourself?  Most of us have found ourselves struggling with self-confidence, the point is that we don’t have believe what our negative voice is saying.  In Jon Gordon’s book, The Power of Positive Leadership, he observes, “Too often we listen to ourselves and hear all the complaints, self-doubt, fear, and negativity that lead to unhappiness, failure, and unfulfilled goals. But just because you have a negative thought doesn't mean you have to believe it.”
What do we believe about ourselves? We can choose to believe the positive or the negative … let’s make the right choice.
          Think About It!

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